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Handrails put the finishing touch on your new or existing set of stairs. They provide a firm grasp that keeps your body centered as you go up and down the stairs day after day. In your office or your home, our beautiful selection of traditional stair handrails will give you plenty to choose from. We craft a wide variety of shapes and sizes in nearly all species of wood including oak, cherry, and hard maple. You’ll find round handrails, oval handrails, bending handrails, returned and coped ends to top off your set of stairs with an elegant touch. View handrail profiles to get a sense of how it will look in your space. All of our traditional stair handrails feature a classic, graceful look that will complement any staircase.

Westfire also has a complete selection of handrail accessories that add a stylish touch to your unique or custom-made stairway. Shop our selection of shoerails, filet, and anything else that you might need to complete your beautiful new set of stairs. You can also match the exact species of wood on all of our traditional stair handrails and handrail accessories to pair with your existing set of stairs. Create the ideal staircase of your dreams with Westfire Stair Parts. We have everything you’re looking for!

  • 7009 Returned End for the 6310 Handrail (6010 rail fitting pictured) 6310 Handrail

    7309 Returned End

    7309 Returned End for the 6310 Handrail. Includes 3001 railbolt kit with flush plug for handrail joinery. This is the ideal fitting for finishing off the ends of handrails, regardless of the circumstance.

    $57.18 - $129.68
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  • 7381 (Left Hand) or 7386 (Right Hand) 2 Rise Goosenecks with Quarter-turn Caps for the 6310 Traditional Handrail (6010 handrail fittings pictured) 6310 Handrail

    7381 or 7386 2-Rise Gooseneck with Quarter-turn Cap

    7381 Left Hand or 7386 Right Hand goosenecks with quarter-turn caps are 2-Riser with 7321 Quarter-turn newel caps.  For the 6310 handrail. Goosenecks are shipped with up easings unattached and includes the 3001 Rail Bolt Kits for handrail joinery...

    $215.88 - $409.64
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  • 7399 Gooseneck for the 6310 Handrail, two riser, no cap 6310 Handrail

    7399-2 2 Rise Gooseneck, No Cap

    7399 Gooseneck is a 2-Riser Straight Gooseneck, no cap, for a rake to straight landing transition. For #6310 Handrail. Includes up easing (unattached) and rail bolt kits for installation and connections.

    $202.26 - $365.21
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