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Belly Balusters

Whether your style is old world charm, contemporary or tradtional, Indital USA's complement of belly balusters are the perfect addition to any staircase. Italian made, Indital's belly balusters offer a variety of designs and patinas, bringing and old world charm to any staircase. Balusters are available in plain or hammmered, all in a 9/16" 14mm forged wrough iron.

  • PC55/2 Stamped Belly Baluster

    PC55/2 Stamped Belly Baluster

    PC55/2 Belly Baluster, Stamped with Arrows. This Indital baluster is 9/16" (14mm) and has a 5-inch belly. 44 3/32-inches total net high. Features a stamped arrows and flower pattern matching the stamped square series.Recommended Shoes:Flat Shoe...

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