Rail Bolt Installation

Rail Bolt Installation

Posted by Joseph G. Swallow on 9th Feb 2015

A commonly asked question: How do I attach the handrail to the fittings?

Fittings include rail bolts which are a 3-1/2” hanger bolt with nut and washer.  Measuring 3/4” up from the bottom of the fitting or rail, drill a 1/4” hold to receive the wood-threaded end of the rail bolt. Leave the railbolt extended at least 1-1/2” from the fitting or handrail. Measuring in 1-1/2” from the receiving end, drill a 1” hole about 1-1/2” deep in the handrail. Again, from the edge of the handrail, measure up center 3/4” and drill at least a 7/16” hold on the receiving piece through to the 1” hole. The rail and fitting are then glued, aligned and, using a 1/2” closed wrench or rail bolt wrench, nut and washer the two pieces together. Finish with a 1” flush plug included with your fitting.

This application or principle works when connecting handrail fittings to handrails, handrails to drywall, and handrails or fittings to newel posts.