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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel handrail, handrail fitting, cabels, tubes, newels and accessories.

Indital USA is a Houston, Texas based division of Industria Italiana Arteferro S.p.A., the world-wide leader in manufacturing of architectural wrought iron components based in Malo, Italy. Our iron components are used in old-world or contemporary applications such as iron railings, iron handrails, iron fencing and gates, old-world doors, metal window treatments, and wrought iron patio furniture, just to name a few. Parts range from wrought iron railsings, balusters, newels, rosettes, panels and forged artistic pieces for iron decor and garden art. While Indital still creates many of their iron railings and other components by hand, their modern production techniques and large inventory levels will give you the confidence to select Indital USA for any project regardless of size or budget.

Indital USA offers an expanded selection of complimenting parts for bar, glass, and cable systems from its stainless railing line.  Choose from an increased assortment of newels, handrail supports, finials, glass clips, accessories and unique designs such as the international acclaimed cubed line.  The modular system allows for flexibility for part considerations and ease of installation vs. comparable welded systems.  An architectural focal point begins with best-in-class selection for aesthetic, clean lines setting up a purely contemporary project. 

Indital USA has also expanded its portfolio of products with the addition of stainless steel railing and galvanized steel railsing. This stainless steel is perfect for creating modern, sleek staircases. Indital USA is also proud to announce a partnership with Biltmore® and Torneados Muñoz of Spain which allows us to bring stunning hand-carved wood stair parts.