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6010 Handrail

 6010 colonial handrailing2 1/4" w x 2 3/8" h. The 6010 is a traditional “colonial” styled handrail, most often for interior use only, that dates back to colonial America. The handrail’s shape holds to industry standard and as such, is the most popular handrail sold. In addition, the Colonial handrail is considered code compliant by most building code officials.  

Coated Finishes

The 6010 is available with a 1 1/4” plow for 1 1/4” square top balusters, or a solid bottom for pin top wood or wrought iron balusters. Available in several coated finishes, the 6010 colonial handrail is stocked in a variety of wood species options including red oak, poplar, American cherry, white oak, hickory, mahogany, Brazilian cherry, and white hard maple. 

Additional Wood Species Availability

Additional options for wood species to perfectly color match your project include soft maple, beech, birch, alder, ipe (Brazilian walnut), yellow pine, and any other available hardwood. The 6010 Colonial handrail includes the full line of handrail fittings, and bender rails include the bending mold when shipped.