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Ranch Series Box Newel Posts

The Ranch series  box newel posts are high quality box newels, stocked and shipped from four-ply boxes with foam to insure a safe delivery process. The 960, 961, 962 and 963 starting, landing newels are solid construction, glue-laminated; not hollow.  The larger Ranch newels are shipped with mounting blocks inside the pedestal sleeve. The Fitts series are shipped with either flat or pyramid hats (you choose which hat works or looks best for your box newel post). The standard Ranch series are shipped with flat hats with an option for peaked/pyramid hats. All ranch box newels are imports, not domestic. All of the wood species for the box newels on this page are in stock and shipped within 24 hours, FOB Chicago, IL or Tracy, CA. Fitts newels are shipped FOB Tacoma, WA or Tiscaloosa, AL.