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Aalto Stair Gallery

Images help stimulate ideas.  Below are a collection of AALTO Stair photos.

Oval Balusters HF16.6.7 

Myriam Cousin Staircase with HF16.6.2 Oval Balusters

HF16.6.2 Oval Balusters with HF16.2.1-T Plain Bars

HF16.6.3 Single Rectagle Balusters with HF16.2.1-T Plain Bars

Single Sphere Balusters

HF16.6.1 Double Square Panel

HF9.4.4 Panels

Chris Holman Staircase with 4002 Newel Posts

HF16.1.30-T Single Rings with Wavy Versatile Balusters



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