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Hand Carved Wood Onlays

Hand Carved Wood Appliques and Onlays.  

Our appliques and onlays are the perfect accent pieces to cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels, ceilings, and more. Each pattern is carefully crafted after traditional and historical designs. Each piece is carefully carved and then sanded ready for your paint or stain. They can install simply with traditional wood glues and finishing nails.

Available in Alder, Cherry, Maple and Lindenwood.  Styles include the Caputo, Raymond, Dove, Foster, Oxford, Farmingdale and Marseille.  Ekena Millwork's handcarved wood appliques and onlays hold fast to the design of the carver, displaying unique designs with impeccable detail.  Using historical and modern designs, Ekena's onlays will meet any design requirement.