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Stair Treads and Risers

Treads and risers are the stepping-stones to completing your new staircase. The tread is the part of stair that you actually step on. The riser is the part that leads up from one tread to the next. At Westfire, we have stair treads and risers in a variety of different sizes and styles. Our stair treads and risers also come in nearly every type of wood. As one of the most important parts of your new staircase, you want to make sure that you get treads and risers that are both stylish and fully functional.

Shop through hundreds of different stair treads and risers to find the right ones for your new home’s interior. We also have a great selection of starting steps and end treads and risers. The first step and the last step are always the most important. You can also find tons of stair tread accessories including false treads, landing tread caps, and Skirtboard Fascias. Custom design a gorgeous new staircase for you home using the best stair treads and risers and stair tread accessories from Westfire. Every step counts.