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Stainless Steel & Contemporary Handrail Brackets

With sleek and modern stainless steel staircases, the beauty is in the details. These staircases, complete with all their parts and accessories, create striking focal points in a home or business that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The perfect stainless steel rail needs the perfect support and Indital USA is here to assist you. Our stainless steel handrail supports come in a variety styles and options depending on your rail system. We offer a range of stainless steel handrails, including those that can be used on stainless steel and glass combinations in addition to steel and wood combinations. From solid to pivotal stainless steel handrail supports, Westfire has you covered.

Contemporary (modern) brackets are rising in demand.  Again, we have you covered with designs that complement the contemporary structure of modern-style balustrades introduced by many venders.  Our modern brackets are sturdy, and easy to install with included hardware.