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Iron Balusters

When dealing with balusters, iron, stainless steel, and tubular balusters are the most durable. Steel is the most popular choice for many modern interiors, while hollow iron balusters offer a more refined, antique appeal. High-quality materials and exquisite designs make our selection of balusters one of the best and most extensive available. Here, you’ll find a huge collection from the industry’s top baluster manufacturers, and all balusters are made of only the highest quality materials with precision craftsmanship. In addition, all of the stair railings and parts on our website are sold at wholesale prices.

Iron Baluster Suppliers We Trust

Our baluster suppliers don’t take the trade lightly. We require strict quality standards be met, so we only sell the best in the industry. Ascension Stair Parts is known for its high-quality, low cost iron railing parts, balusters, and accessories. Every series made by Ascension represents some of the finest stair parts on the market.

House of Forgings iron balusters are made with high-grade industrial materials. Known for its masterful powder coatings and elegant baluster designs and styles, the company prides itself on quality pieces that are durable and workable.

Indital Iron and Stainless Steel is a company that features an impressive assortment of stunning stainless-steel balusters and powder coatings. WM-Coffman Iron and Tubular Steel creates beautiful design-oriented balusters with ribbons, scrolls and dozens of decorative patterns.

Crown Heritage Forged Iron offers stunning balusters from its Roma, Milan and Florence Collections. Shop thousands of options here and enjoy peace of mind knowing that whether you need iron baluster installation or just parts, it’s all here in one convenient location.