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C-6010 Handrail Fittings

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  • C-7009 Returned End C-7009 Returned End

    C-7009 Returned End

    C-7009 One Opening Oak Cap (returned end) for use with the C-6010 Handrail. Includes 3001 railbolt kit with flush plug for handrail joinery. This is the ideal fitting for finishing off the ends of handrails, regardless of the circumstance.  

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  • C-7015 S-Fitting, Left Hand and Right Hand C-7015 S-Fitting, LEFT HAND

    C-7047 S-Fitting

    C-7047 S-Fitting for the 6010 Oak Handrail is great for wrapping around walls with an eased s-flow. Available only in Red Oak, Beech, Poplar, Hard Maple and White Oak.  Please specify Left or Right.  Left Hand or Right Hand determination is...

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  • C-7030 Left Hand or C-7035 Right Hand Flat Volutes C-7030 Left Hand Volute

    C-7030 or C-7035 Volute

    C-7030 Left and C-7035 Right hand Oak Volutes for the 6010 Handrail. Shipped with layout templates and 30011 Rail Bolt Kit and Flush plugs. Please select right and or left when ordering your volute.  Fittings are determined as left hand or right...

    $95.30 $53.37
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