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9100 Stair Handrail

9100 Series Handrail- (2” at Grip x 2-3/8” Tall) available in plowed** and unplowed 9100 handrail is available in stock in Red Oak, White Hard Maple, Poplar, and American Cherry in straiht Handrail & Bender Rail.  The 9100 is available with a solid bottom (non-plowed) or plowed 1-3/4” & 1-1/4”.  Most plowed rails are non-stocked and typically take about 3 business days.  The 9100 handrail is also known as the “Code” compliant handrail, designed in California for a harsh code enforced enviornment.  The 9100 became know as the California Code Rail.  With it’s 2” wide surface, the 9100 handrail series will pass code in the most restrictive code requirements, especially in California, Arizona and Nevada.  With its simple design, the 9100 handrail works well with craftsmans, arts and craft, and contemporary style balustrades.  This handrail is available in all hardwoods including Alder.  Engineered versions of this handrail are also in stock.  Fittings for the 9100 can be found for all caps, easements, goosenecks, volute and turnouts.