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WM-Coffman Iron and Tubular Steel

Create a Dramatic and Inviting Stairway
Iron’s exquisite appeal hearkens back to earlier times of old world elegance while perfectly blending with today’s modern architectural styles.

Design possibilities are endless with the dozens of profiles available in WM Coffman’s Woodmark Iron Collection.

  • Each profile is offered in a single length, creating a trim from the bottom application.  With profiles centered from the top of the baluster, the pattern you choose will always align with the angle of your stair.
  • Incorporate 1,2,3 or more balusters for a truly unique look.  Symmetry and elegance are guaranteed.
  • Iron balusters are designed with a round top pin for easy and aesthetic installations (except where noted).
  • A full line of accessories and installation adhesive systems add decorative detail while providing secure installations.