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Reclaimed Solid Pine Shelves

Solid Heart Pine Reclaimed Wood Shelves - No. 870

Eco-friendly vintage Solid Heart Pine mantel shelves reclaimed from the structures that helped build America.

Please Note: As each reclaimed piece of wood has weathered and aged differently, actual finish colors, cracks, and holes can vary greatly from photographs, and from one piece to the next. The random character of these natural processes will result in the individual and unique look of each piece. Colors and finishes cannot be guaranteed against weathering and reclamation processes.

The wood is hard and durable, and no matter what your décor, this classic treasure will complete your room with warmth and beauty. Available in two lengths: 60" and 72" and two finishes: Driftwood – a natural weathered gray, and Whiskey – a warm toasted honey brown.

60" and 72" lengths.

Available in Driftwood (DW) or Whiskey (WSKY) Finish.
Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.

Reclaimed Pine Shelf in Whiskey FinishReclaimed Solid Pine Shelf Driftwood Finish

About Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood benefits the environment, and can help save existing trees. Reclaimed lumber is also higher quality in general than new lumber. It is highly desired for its history and character. Reclaimed lumber provides a look that is simply unmatched by new lumber. Other characteristics include beautiful color, stability, durability, hardness, texture, and fragrance.

Heart wood is the dense, dark wood in the center of a tree. It is much dryer and more stable than the outer rings or "sap wood". The only reliable source for the richly colored, dense "heart pine" is from factories and mills built during the Industrial Revolution. Barns constructed up through the early part of the 19th century often contained oak beams. Hand hewn antique oak beams are now used by architects, designers, and furniture makers for their vintage yet sophisticated look.

No two pieces will look exactly alike—individual masterpieces.

Because each piece is unique, measurements may vary up to 3/4 inches.

Pictures are representative. Finish and physical appearance may vary greatly.

Some finishes may be lighter or darker than the picture.

Each piece is handmade retaining natural splits, knots, nail holes, etc. from the original wood surface.

Reclaimed Wood Finishes and Tannins

The finish reacts to the natural tannins in the wood. In reclaimed wood you will see both sap wood and heartwood together. Sap wood is the newer wood just beneath the bark in tree trunks and is lighter than the heartwood, which is the older central wood of the tree. While the heartwood is rich with tannins, the sap wood is not, so one section may receive stain differently than another. These are all natural characteristics of the wood and make each piece unique.

Shelf Specifications*
Available in Driftwood (DW) or Whiskey (WSKY) Finish
No. 870 Heart Pine Reclaimed Wood Shelf 870-60 870-20

Top Shelf Length: 60" 72"

Top Shelf Depth: 11.5" 11.5"

Bottom Base Length: 60" 72"

Bottom Base Depth: 11.5" 11.5"

Distance between Corbels: 34.5" 44"

Height with Corbels: 14" 14"

Corbel Height: 10" 10"

Corbel Depth: 9" 9"

Corbel Width: 4" 4"

*As each piece is different, appearance, measurements and weight may vary from published information.



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